About Us

Shan A.B International P. Ltd. is an authorized recruiting agency and human resource consulting firm based in the capital. Managed and run by a group of professionals with over a decade of experience in the field of Human resources globally, Shan A.B International holds a significant position in the industry.

Human resource is a vital part of any organization. When you have a better team, success lies beneath you. Analyzing, recruitment, and training is a tedious task. Hence, most organizations land up hiring the wrong candidate in the wrong place creating a void. To avoid the void between the right candidate and the right organization, Shan A.B International P. Ltd. plays an important role.

We assure to provide customized, efficient, and ethical recruitment solutions to both the candidate and the organization. We believe not only the employee but the employer should also be benefitted from the recruitment. In the fast-paced corporate world of today, everything is moving swiftly in just a blink. The bigger world yesterday has become so small today that businesses today have no geographical boundaries. Today, advanced technology has made it feasible for anyone to apply and work in corners of the globe, provided the protocols being followed.

Shan A.B International P. Ltd. undergoes a rigorous cycle of the recruitment process including layers of interviews even for the position that requires the least number of experience. We do this for, we believe in supplying quality candidates. Over the years, we have also developed a strong database of employees of every level to meet any organization`s needs. Having that said, we not only focus on the skilled and experienced candidates but we also welcome the fresher and have them in our pool. We motivate them to train themselves well and develop a skill that will further enhance their career in the days to come.

Shan A.B International P. Ltd. holds a decade-long history of providing recruitment services in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, and many more other countries. We are happy to see our recruiters and the employees happy as it matters the most to us.

Message from Chairman

We have an amazing team working towards the focused goal of providing the best services in the industry of human resources. Shan A.B International P. Ltd. believes in working together and prioritizes each individual`s space and interest in the development of the organization. We must say that this reason has led us to be united from the day we started. Today, we are 25 housemates working full time excluding the staff engaged in various branches outside the capital.

Kasinath Koirala


Main Road, Sallaghari Kathmandu, Nepal, GPO : 8973, NPC 404

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Sunday to Friday: 10AM - 5PM