Security Sectors

Security Sector includes all security sector institutions and structures whose duty it is to protect the society from crime, disorder and violence. This includes: the armed forces and their civilian staff, law enforcement agencies (community police, investigations, border management services, penitentiary services), and intelligence services, as well as their civilian staff, educational and training establishments and corresponding logistical services. The objective is that the security sector is responsive to public needs and provides security as a public good. The security sector may also be argued to include regulated private entities with highly specified and limited roles related to protection of property and theft prevention.

  • Security Officer 
  • Security Supervisor 
  • Ex-British Gurkha Army 
  • Ex-Indian Gurkha Army
  •  Ex-Nepalese Army 
  • Ex-Nepal Police 
  • Civil Security Guard
  •  Body Guard 
  • Watch Man & many more.

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